Craftsmanship and innovation
since 1970

For almost fifty years we have been creating moulds for the footwear industry, combining the craftsmanship of Made in Italy with the most cutting-edge professional technology, to create a high quality product enriched with personalised and unique details.

We stand out for the precious artisan experience that we pass on from generation to generation. In fact, we have a hand finished product at a work bench by an artisan who cuts the aluminum by hand, to the use of the most advanced technology in the sector, both in the design and production phases, and are continuously updating our technology.

The know-how acquired over many years of work allows us to propose both innovative solutions, thanks to the great flexibility of the company in operational and process planning, and fast processing and deliveries which are always on time.

What started as a small artisan company has today fiercely become an important international reality, working with large companies all over the world: in Europe, North America, Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Towards new goals.



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